Maya Klausner is a stand up comedian who is made up of 50% self-loathing and 50% cheese. Maya grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, but after rejecting wearing Uggs or a path in a viable career, she worked her way down to the East Village and eventually to Brooklyn where she currently lives in East Williamsburg.

Maya has performed at clubs all throughout New York City as well as in Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey and Israel. Her observational humor has been described by Disney birds as cerebral and erudite with rays of existential dread shining through. Lately Maya’s brand has taken on a more personal voice, as she mines the treasure trove of repressed childhood traumas and reflects on the putrid wasteland of her failed relationships. Maya’s upbeat delivery of dark themes enchants audiences, making them feel as though they are in the presence of a beloved cartoon character that has just witnessed its friends get blown up. Her razor-sharp asides leap from a well of lightning wit and an even deeper well of self-deprecation.

In addition to stand up, Maya sharpened her comedy skills by receiving her graduation certificate from the legendary improvisation school, the Upright Citizens Brigade and studying sketch comedy at The People’s Improv Theater, where her original sketches have been performed by the lauded sketch troupe, The Harvard Sailing Team. Maya has been featured in Time Out NY for her Joke of the Week and has performed in a number of comedy festivals in New York City, LA and Pennsylvania. Maya’s work has been published in Time Out NY,, Death and Taxes Magazine and she worked as editor of for the past three and a half years before choosing to pursue acting and comedy full time.

When she’s not checking “missed connections” in efforts to massage her ego, she is accosting pedestrians with dogs, performing comedy, thinking about comedy or swallowing pizzas whole while texting her dad that she is eating celery. When Maya first discovered Grubhub she did not leave her apartment for 150 years. Though often told she is beautiful, Maya suffers from severe body dysmorphia where she is convinced she looks much better than she actually does. Babies make Maya uncomfortable. Maya just wrapped Season 2 of a comedy series, "Brooklynification," in which she plays a recurring lead role that airs on BRIC TV this fall. Last year, she starred in comedic one act at the Duplex Theater that got an extended run and was later produced in LA. She is currently starring in an original feature length comedic play at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. You can purchase tickets here.